What are the advantages of a lift chair

Offering much more than a comfortable seat, the lift chair has revolutionized the comfort of people experiencing loss of mobility. To meet the needs of its user, the lift chair is equipped with special features to provide all the necessary comfort. The lift chair options provide many essential advantages to improve the daily lives of elderly people or people losing their autonomy. Essential for well-being, the lift chair is a real ally for maintaining your mobility!

What are the advantages of a lift chair

The lift chair, an ally for mobility

An essential companion for improving the mobility and comfort of elderly people, the armchair becomes much more than just a piece of furniture.  

Discover how these chairs offer more than comfort, from ergonomic support that helps reduce muscle tension to the ability to improve blood circulation with a leg-elevating footrest. 
Features like remote control allow the experience to be personalized according to their activities, whether relaxing, reading or watching TV, users can choose the recline of the backrest. 
The chair is designed for the general well-being of the user! 

Comfort and support

The comfort offered by a lift chair lies in the quality of the chair’s foam. Indeed, to prevent discomfort linked to prolonged use of the chair, the materials must be of quality so that the user enjoys their chair. 

For the inclination of the backrest and the footrest, the chair is equipped with motors which manage the inclinations simultaneously or independently.
When the chair is equipped with a motor, the inclination of the footrest and the backrest is managed simultaneously. Whereas when the chair is equipped with two motors, the inclination is done independently, this allows you to choose the position of your choice. The depth and width of the seat must also be taken into account, depending on the width of the hips and the length of the thighs, comfort will be changed if these dimensions are not considered. 

Please note: depending on the user’s needs, the choice of the number of motors is essential, for example in the case of a heavy build, the chair must be equipped with several motors.

Lifting assistance

This type of chair is equipped with lifting assistance using a special mechanism that helps users get up and sit down smoothly. This helps relieve knee, back and even hip pain caused by bending your legs to get out or sit in the chair. 

Lift chairs are designed to give people losing mobility the opportunity to stay at home, and therefore maintain their independence. These chairs are not medical devices, everyone may wish to have a lift chair for comfort, they are intended as much for the elderly as for people who simply want additional comfort. 

Well-being for body and mind

The health benefits of a lift chair are as follows: 

Reduction of muscular tensions thanks to the different positions offered by the chair (sitting, reading, relax, rest and lift position),
Provides a feeling of security for its user or their loved ones since it gently accompanies the movements of its user, 
Relieves the back, hip and knee pain thanks to support and maintenance of the body as a whole,
Improvement of blood circulation and vascularization thanks to the positions that the chair can take,
Reduction in the risk of bedsores thanks to a seat in shape memory which helps limit the formation of bedsores during prolonged use of the chair, 
Regaining autonomy due to the fact that it allows its user to get up and sit down without waiting or asking for help from ‘another person. 

The benefits of a lift chair on your health will be numerous, both on your body and on your mind, a lift chair provides optimal well-being as well as total relaxation. 

But how do you choose the perfect chair that will bring you all these benefits? 

How to choose your lift chair?

You will find many armchairs on the internet, but how to make the right choice? 

Certain criteria must be taken into account to make the best choice of lift chair for your living room. 

Let’s look at three important criteria to make your choice.

The coating

There are different types of covering for an armchair, having their advantages and disadvantages. To choose the right covering for a lift chair, you must take into account your preferences and the decoration of your room. Among the coverings that you will find on this type of armchair: 

Leather upholstery, 
Faux leather upholstery,
Fabric upholstery, 
Microfiber upholstery, 

As for colors, there are a multitude of them, you will definitely find what you are looking for!

A suitable design

Design is just as important! 

Your armchair must have a style suited to your interior to create harmony in your living room. The armchair must fit harmoniously into your interior to create a warm living room. Some armchairs feature styles such as Scandinavian, vintage, classic… Depending on your tastes and your existing decoration, choose an armchair with a style that you like. 

The price

Finally, the criterion to be determined quickly in order to adapt the choice of the desired chair according to your budget. The price of an armchair varies depending on the functions, options, covering or even the brand of the armchair. 

Depending on your budget, set a minimum price as well as a maximum price that you are willing to pay for a chair. After determining this, you can start your research. 

Other criteria must be taken into account when choosing the ideal chair, such as the size of the user, the general measurements of the chair, the motorization of the chair, etc.