11 decorative objects that will make you love fall

Make way for 100% cocooning decoration!

No gray faces in autumn! On the contrary, it’s time to warm up the atmosphere with deep colors, winking objects, cozy accessories. For a cozy interior where you enjoy spending time, we has selected for you 11 decorative objects that will make autumn your favorite season!

11 decorative objects that will make you love fall

A large cocooning blanket

With autumn, the first cold weather arrives; weekends and other cozy evenings are becoming more and more frequent… Also, what’s better than curling up in a big, warm blanket  on your sofa or in your bed when the cold is biting outside? So, as soon as autumn rears its ugly head, count on your  throws  to pamper yourself! Both decorative and functional, they are perfect for wrapping yourself up in case of a little chill. 

In terms of materials, opt for models in fleece  or wool to provide maximum warmth.

Solid shades like terracotta , brown or beige are always trendy and go perfectly with the tones of the season. You can also play the authenticity card with a “chunky” model in large wool knits,  or even focus on the traditional but no less attractive side of a Scottish tartan throw, for a  perfect country-chic atmosphere!

Scented candles

Like our Scandinavian friends, when autumn arrives, light pretty candles in the house in the evening. Emblematic of the hygge phenomenon , the soft light of the candles creates a cozy atmosphere , conducive to relaxation. Scented candles have  the advantage of delicately scenting your interior. In the fall , choose seasonal scents , such as cut wood , wood fire , cinnamon , gingerbread , etc. But avoid letting them burn for too long and above all, don’t mix the odors . 

Light garlands

Like candles, light garlands provide a subdued light  which is very pleasant for spending gentle autumn evenings . You can use a guinguette garland with round bulbs, or play the discreet garland card with very fine LED models, it’s up to you to decide according to your inspiration of the moment!

Hang them on the wall, slide them under transparent bells or place them in your plants to have several sources of soft light in your living room or bedroom. 

Fake fur

Faux fur  is very trendy, and much nicer than real fur! A cocooning material , we find it a lot in Scandinavian homes where it has no equal for creating a cozy decoration .

 In the living room or next to the bed, install a faux fur rug. To avoid falling into bad taste, choose a small model (60x90cm) in white or gray faux fur. On the bed or sofa,  faux fur cushions are  a must for autumn decoration  and will immediately warm up your interior. 

If you only like faux fur in small touches, prefer to install a few  cushions or even a throw  on your sofa , to make it even cozier. White, beige, brown, or rust, these are basics that you will enjoy bringing out every fall! 

Wooden decorative objects

Walks in the forest, fireplaces… it’s certain, wood  is one of the materials we think about most when autumn appears! It is therefore quite natural that it is part of a trendy autumn decoration . 
Decoration stores do not hesitate to offer wooden planks cut in log style for sale  : you can use them as a centerpiece , placing a pretty bouquet of dried flowers, a few candles, or even your favorite mugs for a coffee break.

For more personality, don’t hesitate to mix  different types of wood  both in terms of small furniture and decorative accessories: a side table in light wood, a few crates in aged wood, bowls in bamboo… In short, make bring nature into your home this fall! 

Decorative squash

Fall is the season indisputably associated with the celebration of squash and other cucurbits . Their curved silhouette and the rounded lines they display lend themselves particularly well to the arrangement of a cozy and warm decor .

Whether they are made of ceramic , stone , rattan or knitted in a cable knit , they will look great in a boho-chic interior and will harmonize wonderfully with dried flowers or lagurus stems .

It is possible to bring them together on a wooden tray or a wicker placemat for a harmonious and elegant display, but also to scatter them on either side of your room, on a shelf, a coffee table or a buffet, for a general autumn atmosphere. 

Plant crowns

The crown is not exclusively reserved for Christmas celebrations, far from it! In autumn , it is preferably chosen from larch branches known for their finesse and durability. Decorated with fallen leaves in shimmering colors, artificial wild berries , nuts or dried flowers , the wreath will satisfy all your autumn decoration desires!

Fixed on the fireplace, hung on the wall, or simply placed on a piece of furniture, the wreath will reveal its authentic and rural side and will invite you to gentle strolls in the countryside. 

Mushroom statuettes 

The arrival of the late season marks the return of mushrooms ! And if we appreciate them on our plates, we love them as decorative objects !

In glass for a vintage style or in resin for a more realistic imitation, the mushroom statuettes , with their variety of shapes and structures, will ensure the atmosphere of a shabby chic interior where refinement and elegance predominate!

We love the hand-carved models: the patinated mango wood legs topped with striated aged metal caps catch the eye! Their clean lines , combined with the nobility of the wood and the luminosity of the silver color , give them a crazy look! Placed on a piece of furniture, a wooden tray, a window sill, alone or combined with other decorative objects inspired by nature in autumn, the result will always be very successful!

Bouquets of dried flowers

It’s not because summer is far behind us that the house must do without the delicious presence of flowers . In autumn , we like to create pretty bucolic bouquets using dried flowers , foliage and branches which will wonderfully reveal the special charm of the season. Hydrangeas , thistles , gypsophila , broom bloom , yarrow , oats , wheat , foxtail , lagurus and phalaris are all varieties that will adorn your interior with the unique appeal of nature.

For a composition worthy of that which an artisan florist could propose, give free rein to your artistic sense while taking care to respect the harmony of the colors : we will focus on an assembly of flowers in warm and deep tones or on the combination of varieties with soft and muted colors , the choice is yours!

Everything will be placed in a carefully selected vase : in terracotta , ceramic , ribbed or tinted glass , it’s time to display your most beautiful pieces! Special mention for the mercury glass vase  which, with its look straight out of a flea market, will be the ideal partner for a retro autumnal bouquet !

XXL lanterns

Nothing is more pleasant, when autumn looks gloomy, than to multiply small sources of light , so as to create the atmosphere of a real cocoon .

Lanterns , whether made of wood , metal or rattan , excel in this role! Placed directly on the ground or raised on a piece of furniture, they will accommodate candles and light garlands to let a soft, cushioned light diffuse .

Small note to remember for even more personality and relief : you can allow yourself more fantasy with a large format lantern by placing several candles of different shapes and sizes on it. Cozy nest effect guaranteed!

Small tealight holders

Very often, autumn is synonymous with mist and rain, so much so that our home becomes THE place to curl up. We therefore honor our house by taking it as a model for decorative objects !

It is even possible to find it under various subjects, each more charming than the last: candlesticks , bookends , wall shelves , perfume burners , lanterns or photo frames , the little house dazzles our eyes!

Our preference is for porcelain tealight holders in autumn colors, which, once carefully installed on a side table alongside small matching pumpkins, give the effect of a charming village on a November evening.

Autumn is therefore the ideal season to bring warmth, softness and softness to your interior decoration; it’s also the ideal excuse to invite the wonders of nature into your home! And why not also invite them to your table to be in the theme right down to the tip of the fork? To find out everything you need to know about setting up the perfect autumnal table, come and discover our inspirations for an autumnal table !