Create a Cocooning Reading Corner: Ideas for Relaxing at Home

Create a cozy reading corner

Reading is the perfect activity to allow yourself a moment of relaxation and escape. There’s nothing like having a comfortable reading corner at home to give yourself a real moment of relaxation. Here are some ideas that will help you create a cozy reading space at home.

Create a Cocooning Reading Corner: Ideas for Relaxing at Home

Choosing your reading chair

The main element of a reading corner worthy of the name is an armchair. The latter must be chosen carefully in order to provide you with all the comfort necessary for reading your favorite works. The ideal is to choose an armchair with a soft , rather wide seat , in which you can curl up as you wish. The backrest should be high enough to allow you to rest your head on it and provide your back with all the necessary support. Armrests are also essential in order to benefit from optimal comfort. 

Add cushions and throws

Who says cocooning space says comfort and softness. This is where the cushions and throws come into play which will complete the comfort provided by the armchair. The cushions will help you sit comfortably in your chair, by supporting your lower back and your neck . Accumulated at the foot of the chair , they will allow you to lengthen your legs and support them like a footrest . While the cushions will help you to sit as you wish in the chair, a blanket will allow you to cover yourself during your winter readings. Choose natural and soft materials for your cushions and throws , such as cotton or wool. Choose equally soft colors to create a soothing atmosphere. Sweet break guaranteed!

Install a footrest

As we have just seen, stacked cushions can very well act as footrests in front of your chair. But you can also invest in a footrest that you choose to coordinate with your armchair for a more harmonious decoration of your reading corner. The last solution for being able to read while comfortably stretching your legs is to choose a relax armchair that you can move from a sitting position to a lying position by simply activating a lever or button. 

Think about a small table

A small table is the perfect piece of furniture to complete your reading corner. Positioned next to your armchair , this side table will allow you to place a glass of water or a mug of hot drink which will accompany your reading. You can also place your book or your PAL (read Pile A Lire) there, or even place a bouquet of flowers there which will bring a romantic touch to the whole. Prefer to choose a small round table so as not to disrupt the cocooning atmosphere of your reading space. 

Install a lamp

An essential element of the reading corner, the lamp will allow you to enjoy this space whatever the season and time of day. a lamp with a strong light will be useful for reading on paper. However, take care to choose a warm light which will not be aggressive. If, on the other hand, you are used to reading on a computer medium such as an e-reader, it is better to choose soft lighting which will not disturb you when reading on the screen.

Provide a boundary

The reading corner is most often located in a larger room in the house, such as the bedroom, office or living room. It is indeed rarer to be able to dedicate a separate room to it. In order to make your reading corner a separate space, it is important to clearly demarcate it. To do this, several options are available to you: you can opt for a vertical separation that you will put in place using a screen or a removable partition . But you can also choose to demarcate your reading corner at floor level : a rug or a different floor covering will visually separate your reading space from the rest of the room.