This fall’s cocooning trends

Decorative pieces for a 100% cocooning autumn

Autumn is the season of nesting and cocooning par excellence! So if you plan to stay at home warm during the months of September, October and November, here are the cocooning trends for this fall not to be missed. Or maybe to miss it, but comfortably seated on your sofa with a good mug of hot chocolate in your hand!

This fall’s cocooning trends

XXL rugs 

Among the cocooning trends this fall, we obviously find rugs , absolutely essential for bringing warmth and comfort to our interiors (and to our little feet) when the temperatures start to drop outside.
But this fall, forget the mini version of rugs, and don’t be afraid to go crazy with XXL rugs:
Either by their size: 200 x 250 cm, but also 200 x 300 cm, 250 x 300 cm or even 250 x 350 cm  ! Pieces that will dress up and create the cozy atmosphere of your room!

Either by their volume: whether they are shaggy rugs or rugs with different lengths and thicknesses of strands , these models are second to none for creating a cocoon effect in the living room or bedroom. 

Wraparound furniture 

Another cocooning trend this fall which should make fans of nesting happy: the return of the 70’s, which inspires furniture and in particular the shapes of armchairs and sofas. Exit the right and protruding angles, and make way for the rounded and curves that make you want to dive into an ocean of softness and comfort… Quite a program!

Boucle wool cushions and throws

Quite simply inseparable from the cold season and the cocooning style, this fall the cushions and throws are adorned with curly wool. A 100% natural material whose pretty frizzy appearance is due to the irregular weaving of the wool threads. 

In the end, we obtain very soft, thick, fluffy, warm and comfortable decorative accessories that you will soon no longer be able to do without during your long autumn evenings!

The blond wood 

Very present in natural and Scandinavian styles, blond wood will be one of this fall’s must-haves if you want it to be placed under the sign of a cozy attitude! Authentic and natural, this very light and luminous wood is available on armchairs, TV units, sofa ends and even coffee tables to bring maximum warmth and softness to our interiors. 

Warm colors on the walls 

What could be better to warm up the atmosphere at home in winter than to focus on warm colors reminiscent of autumn, such as: orpiment yellow or saffron yellow , pumpkin orange or copper, garnet red or carmine red … Warm and invigorating, these colors are also known for being energetic and encouraging exchanges in a room!

To be used in small touches in your decor (on cushions, a blanket, a vase, etc.) or in an XXL version for even more impact: why not create an accent wall in your living room with paint or panoramic wallpaper?

High perched plants 

Latest cocooning trend this fall: high perched plants! Whether they descend from the ceiling from vintage macramé pendant lights, whether they are drooping and attached to the wall from pretty Thai baskets or whether they bloom from the ground theatrically installed in flowerpots on feet , plants have a following in ideas for decorating our interiors this fall. In addition to enjoying their depolluting benefits, you will also be able to fill up on greenery without having to move from your sofa!

A fireplace at all costs

In autumn, there’s nothing like cocooning in a comfortable armchair or sofa in front of a warm fire… You’re not lucky enough to have one in working order at home? Don’t panic, there are plenty of alternative solutions:

  • If your fireplace no longer works, fill it with candles of different sizes to give the impression of a real fireplace crackling! 
  • You can also invest in a decorative fireplace surround : you attach it to the wall, and you get a fireplace that is almost larger than life!
  • If you have a connected TV, go to Youtube and start a video of a fireplace fire: you will have the illusion of a fireplace fire, with the added bonus of the sound of wood burning… 

Rocking chairs

Whether it is a vintage wooden rocking chair or a more modern model in fabric or velvet , one thing is certain: once settled in your rocking chair with a good book and a soft blanket, autumn will seem to you the most pleasant season of the year…