7 decorating styles with orange

To bring a little warmth into your interior decoration, the orange color is ideal. Both lively and evocative of the autumn season, it enlivens any decor in no time. If you are tempted but lack a little inspiration, here are pictures of 7 ways to bring this warm and peppy color into your interior.

7 decorating styles with orange

A living room with orange walls

If you feel ready to take the plunge and embrace orange without restraint in your interior, why not dare to paint one (or more) walls in your living room in this color? Lively and stimulating, orange is a color that is renowned for bringing warmth and energy to an interior: it is therefore an ideal color for the living room, a room in which it will not fail to stimulate exchanges . If you like to organize aperitifs and small parties at home, you know what you have to do…

A half-tone orange living room

On paper, you appreciate all the advantages of the color orange, but you are afraid that it will be a little too much in your living room, even on an accent wall? In this case, there is a perfect solution: paint a wall orange… but not all of it! For a very modern and graphic look, paint the main wall of your living room orange on one side, then light gray on the other, then place your sofa just in front, juxtaposing the demarcation of the latter to that of paint. Wow effect guaranteed!

Little touches of orange in the decor

Another smart way to enjoy the peppy and vibrant side of orange in your interior decor: adopt it in small touches in a room. Here, the orange touches contrast perfectly with the gray, and bring a touch of brightness and modernity which gives all its character to the room. To be used in a living room, but also a bedroom, a kitchen, a bathroom…

Orange in the bedroom

Does your teenager love orange and want to put it everywhere in their room? Remember that warm colors, very stimulating and exciting, should be used sparingly in the sleeping area. The right solution for cutting the pear in half? Do the same with the wall, which will be painted half orange and half white, with a pretty graphic shape to energize everything. 
Another solution to avoid risking retinal fracture with orange in a room? Opt for soft shades and pastels, or on the contrary darker shades (copper, red, tan, etc.).

Soft orange in the bathroom

To create a soft and pleasant atmosphere in the bathroom, avoid too flashy shades, and instead rely on shades where orange mixes with pink… like salmon or mandarin orange for example. To enhance everything, nothing stops you from adding a little more showy accessories to the room!

Orange and white, the perfect combo

If you want to go orange in your home but you don’t really know what color to pair it with, know that with white, you are safe from any lack of taste! For a modern and 100% stylish look, play the card of white walls and furniture combined with orange accessories. In the dining room, this can be a tablecloth, flower pots, a painting, a vase, a chair…

Orange also on the outside

For a little ethnic touch in an outdoor space, earthy shades are always welcome: khaki green, terracotta red, saffron yellow… without forgetting of course burnt earth orange, which will transport your balcony or terrace to the heart of ‘a burning desert, or almost!