The candle: an essential home accessory

Warm atmosphere in the house with candles!

We can never repeat it enough: candles are truly ideal decorative pieces for creating an atmosphere in your interior. In every room, candles know how to find their place to bring not only a warm atmosphere, but also a signature scent of your interior.

The candle: an essential home accessory

Why candles?

Over time, candles have become simply essential decorative accessories in our interiors. At nightfall, they illuminate the corners of our rooms by providing a warm and intimate light . Today, we must admit that in the world of interior decoration, it is quite difficult to imagine a warm atmosphere without the light of a candle. 

And they not only enhance the decor when they are lit  : they are real  decorative objects due to their shape, their volume, but also their  color  ! So, whether you choose to turn them on or leave them off, they will always have their effect and will not fail to bring pep and character to your home sweet home.

What scent for your candle?

In terms of scents, the choice of candle will be crucial. Indeed, the smell of the candle will become the signature of your interior and must therefore be in accordance with the style of decoration that you have chosen to develop. You will find floral and vegetal, woody notes, others more fruity but also candles that smell like macarons, caramel or hot chocolate for a regressive and very comforting “return to childhood” side. 

The great novelty in the world of candles is the scents of cities or places that evoke memories. So, if you like to spend your weekends in Deauville,  Giverny  or Cap Ferret, you will find a candle that can transport you there without even having to pack your bag! 

And why not an unusual candle? 

If you like quirky and original decorative ambiances, forget about “nap under the fig tree” or “seaside” scented candles! Instead, opt for a candle – scented or not – in an unusual way, which is sure to get people talking: “hangover” candle to get back on your feet the day after a night out, “fuck” candle to send a message without having to open your mouth , an orgasm or vagina scented candle made by Gwyneth Paltrow, a “Royal Cheese” or “Ketchup” candle to make you think you’re at McDonald’s, and 1001 candles with gently rude messages like “it’s hard that you’re younger than me, but ok” (available on Etsy, a perfect gift for a sister or a friend): the world of fun candles is almost limitless, for our greatest pleasure!

How to stage your indoor candles? 

Do you want to stock up on candles to decorate your home but you don’t really know how to display them? Here are some little ideas:

  • Placed on the floor , large candles allow you to dress the space in an original way next to a small coffee table;
  • You can also place long candles in glass bottles filled with a little sand, or in glass jars for larger models;
  • Placed on a log of wood with a little greenery, the candles create an original and trendy natural centerpiece;
  • The candles + fireplace mantle combo is certainly very classic, but it still gets the job done!
  • For a trendy and modern look, don’t hesitate to create accumulations of candles of all sizes, colors and shapes on a coffee table, a sideboard or a console…