10 tips for winter decor in the living room

Switch to “winter” mode in the living room

Winter is THE season when everyone loves to snuggle up warm at home. What if we told you that to get through the mildest of winters, you just needed to know how to organize your living room correctly? The proof just below with 10 tips for switching to “winter” mode in the living room!

How to organize your living room in winter?

Focus on more subdued lighting 

In winter, the days get shorter and the lack of light weighs considerably on our morale. But at home, rather than turning on all the ceiling lights and creating a little hypermarket atmosphere (especially if your lamps are equipped with white light bulbs), what if you opted instead for indirect lighting?

To do this, there is no shortage of decorative solutions, and you can rely on: small wall lights, candles, table lamps, or even light garlands which will diffuse a yellow light, much warmer and more pleasant. Thanks to them, your winter living room will be lit in the softest, warmest and most pleasant way.

Without forgetting of course the Himalayan salt lamp , which emits an orange light known to soothe the mind and create a 100% zen environment. Who says better ?

Very thick curtains 

If in spring and summer we favor sheers and light curtains which let the sun into the house, in winter, it’s quite the opposite: we will instead focus on thick, well-blocking curtains. These curtains have two significant advantages:

  • Already, from a purely aesthetic point of view, thick curtains are perfect for reinforcing the “cocoon” side of a living room;
  • They are also very practical for blocking out the cold and preventing heat from escaping through the windows.

Makeover your sofa

To make your living room a mecca for cocooning and cosiness in winter, there is a simple tip: give it a makeover by changing the cushion covers . It’s hard to resist a sofa that invites you to relax with cushions adorned with velvet, mesh or flannel covers!

For colors, why not focus on pastel shades, soothing, delicate and delicious at the same time?

The blanket, the cocooning accessory of winter 

To organize your living room in winter and put the cursor on “cocooning” mode, there is a simply essential accessory… the  blanket of course! Very soft and couldn’t be softer, it’s essential for cuddling up nicely on the sofa and starting a series with a nice steaming hot chocolate in your hands.

In terms of materials, you will be spoiled for choice for cocooning, with:

  • The wool blanket , a timeless classic;
  • The mohair blanket , a type of wool that is very soft and does not scratch;
  • The crochet blanket , for a cozy chic style;
  • The pilou-pilou blanket , 100% soft and comfortable;
  • The fur throw  : a real soft box, whether the fur is real or fake;
  • The cotton blanket , certainly a little less warm but which can be machine washed in case of a stain.

To avoid family arguments, consider buying one for each family member; without forgetting the pretty wicker basket to store them when they are not in use – except one that you will carelessly leave on the sofa!

A pleasant olfactory atmosphere 

In winter, do you like to go for walks in the forest or stroll through the markets… but without moving from your cozy living room? To do this, there are perfect little decorative objects: scented candles ! Smell of “mulled wine”, “cinnamon”, “fir tree”, “barley sugar”… it ‘s up to you to choose according to the universe into which you wish to be transported. But without having to get up from your chair or take off your slippers of course.

Essential oils to cleanse

Essential oils are winter allies that it would be a shame not to invite into your living room this winter! Yes: in addition to diffusing a pleasant scent in your living room, some can also help you deal with all the little physical problems that often go hand in hand with the winter season . Among these winter allies, we find in particular: 

  • Ravintsara and eucalyptus essential oil to boost the immune system;
  • Tea tree and Niaouli essential oil to fight bacteria;
  • Lemon and peppermint essential oil to promote digestion during the end-of-year holidays;
  • Ginger essential oil to combat fatigue;
  • Globular eucalyptus essential oil to combat coughs; 
  • Thyme and cypress essential oil to overcome sore throats and coughs.

Please note: read the instructions carefully before using essential oils in order to know the contraindications and respect the correct dosage.

A reading corner in the living room 

In winter, we love staying at home and taking advantage of the warmth in the home to indulge in 100% cocooning activities. The best of them? Reading in the warmth of the living room of course. And to create the most comfortable reading corner in your living room , you will need:

  • From a place out of sight: a recess or a small alcove for example. So you can read in peace, without being disturbed by the noise of the TV or the children coming and going in front of you. Otherwise, a small corner hidden by a screen, a curtain or a tall piece of furniture will do very well;
  • floor lamp with a directional reading light so you don’t miss a single line of your novel!
  • An ultra-comfortable armchair , with footrest, and a good blanket under which to get warm…
  • A pedestal table to place next to the armchair on which you can place your mug of tea or your book if reading should give way to a nap…

A long pile carpet

To properly organize your living room in winter, it may also be interesting to adopt a long pile rug like the famous shaggy rug . This decorative accessory combines the strong points:

  • Already, it is super trendy and will add modernity points to your living room;
  • Then, the shaggy rug is ideal for bringing warmth and comfort to a living room;
  • As it is everything, the long pile carpet irremediably makes you want to walk on it without shoes (for adults) and play on it (for children)!
  • Finally, long pile carpets (especially models made from natural fibers such as wool) are renowned for their performance in terms of thermal and sound insulation.

Light the fire!

Another very effective little tip for putting your living room into winter mode: the fireplace of course. If you are lucky enough to have one in your living room, treat yourself! And if you don’t have one, don’t panic: thanks to YouTube or Netflix, you can broadcast (fake) fireplaces on your TV , with the sound of crackling wood and burning logs. A small “Fire in the chalet” scented candle and that’s it!

Invite nature into your home 

To avoid feeling too confined in your home sweet home this winter, don’t hesitate to invite nature into your home. To do this, add natural elements to your interior decoration: eucalyptus branches intertwined in a wreath, pine cones in a transparent jar , a bouquet of dried flowers in a vase…

Without forgetting the typical winter plants , such as hellebore, poinsettia, cyclamen and even hyacinth.